The intention of Living Ahimsa Peace Initiative is to create awareness worldwide of the peace building process within ourselves. The primary commitment of the Initiative is to harmony. Each one of us must strive to make this commitment greater than any other commitment to particular goal in our life. Harmony is a living force within the heart and mind of each and every person and can be generated through Living Ahimsa– peaceful everyday practices that reflect and recreate the universe’s energies and rhythms. The investment necessary for manifesting health and harmony comes from the treasure trove that is within the human heart and its mining requires ardent commitment to cultivating inner harmony as a first priority.

Unlike the making of war, violence, and disease, harmony recovered requires each human to dig deep into the very heart of being to find their forgotten memory of harmony intrinsic to the human spirit. To recover our memory of nonviolence and nonhurtfulness, we must first develop the paramount expression of love and respect for each other – not in spite of – but, because of our human differences and diverse beliefs.

In this new millinea, I am happy for this opportunity to present a radical approach to nurturing and achieving World Peace. This Global Initiative of Living Ahimsa is about the change and transformation we can effect within ourselves in terms of embracing with love a person/persons for whom we may have formed an intense dislike; or showing respect for an idea or belief that we may find offensive.

Doing the inner work to transform the Self is the most effective way to ahimsa- peace and harmony. This approach demands that we meet the challenges of self beliefs and ideas fostered by traditions from which each one of us humans have emerged and to which we have formed potent images of beliefs we hold to be true. Quite frequently, we hold these ideas to the demise of the beliefs of other beings and cultures.

Living Ahimsa Peace is not about anti-war marches and demonstrations, or collecting signatures to send to Congress, or any of the otherwise positive, nonviolent approaches we may endeavor to support Peace. It is about doing our inner work: through nonharmful thought, mindful speech, action, and prayer. First though, we must shift our thinking to accommodate the views and beliefs of others. We must also learn to fortify the Divine Energies within ourselves. The mission of Living Ahimsa Peace is to broadcast the collective invisible expression of loving embrace and gentleness throughout the universal sound waves so that the breath force and boundless vibrational energy from which all life is formed can be invoked to influence the global movement of awareness, love, and abundance in every crevice of each mind and heart and in every corner of the Earth. Together, we do have the knowledge and power to manifest Peace on Earth.

Why then is Peace the most illusive reality in our time? Have the numerous wars of the world brought Peace closer to our lives? What will it take to cultivate a sustainable peace?

Since 1985, world military expenditures have totaled over $14 trillion. In the words of a Peace Pilgrim, we always seem ready to pay the price for war. Almost gladly we give our time and our treasure – our limbs and even our lives – for war. But we expect to get peace for nothing. Obviously, there is no price for peace because unlike war it is not a commodity.

Ahimsa. Peace is a living life force within the heart and mind of each and every person and can be generated through awareness. The investment necessary for manifesting peace comes from the treasure trove that is within the human heart and its mining requires ardent commitment to cultivating inner harmony as human’s first priority. Unlike the making of war, peace recovered requires each human to dig deep into their character, into the very heart of being to find their forgotten memory of love and compassion.



Facing the early morning sun, take the following oath by reciting it audibly.

” From this day onward, I take this sacred oath to become a Sakahari, Sanskrit word for a vegetarian who does not violate the sacred right of the animal to live and thrive in their own environment. My oath is my word. My word is my contribution to inner harmony. May the universe protect me as I abide in reverence with all life.”

To solemnize your sacred oath as a Sakahari, write it out in your personal journal, sign and date it. To bear witness to your Sakahari Oath, we ask that you sign in on our Vow Register with your name and country to let us know that you have taken your sacred oath. To do so, go to where you can also take the Vow of Ahimsa.

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The Potent Power of a Woman’s Shakti ~ to Nourish, Nurture and Heal!

There have been three critical junctures of healing in my life. Through my odyssey with ovarian cancer at the tender years of 18 to 23, I was fortunate to uncover pearls of the spirit that can never be stripped away. These gems formed the early foundation that led me to my purpose.  I discovered my true purpose as a woman: that we are empowered with the energy of Shakti- the power to create life, nourish and nurture nature, preserve the creative forces that support life to make us Whole, and Happy and Prosperous. Each and every woman’s has a powerful energy – the nexus for healing self, family, community and the world. Unfortunately, the majority of women do not recognize this divine gift that effortless lay at rest awaiting its awakening.

For a quarter century I lived in the forest communing with nature and the animals, whilst disseminating the work and education of Wise Earth Ayurveda. Through this education, I restored the earth-based sadhana practices of the Vedas wherein we reclaim the light of awareness in which presence we heal and become Whole. Through this long journey I have come to know the pathway to wellness, joy and enlightenment, peace, and the cultivation of inner harmony. But in order to reclaim salubrious life, we must be prepared to let go of the erroneous beliefs, ideas, and habituations which we have garnered through centuries of mentalized living. The reality is simple: First, peace must start within! The cultivating of inner harmony is the most critical accomplishment each woman can endeavour to attain. First though, we must heal ourselves, regardless of our advantages and because of our disadvantages. Having been privileged by the sankalpa of a great Guru (Pujya Swami Dayananda Sarasvati), I continue to learn and observe the magnificence of Isvara in my life.

In my own healing, I see the process as Isvara. God is all there is. In aligning myself to this truth, the hidden cavern of unresolved desires, fears, weakness, and hurt were revealed to me. The baggage of hurt that we seamlessly transport from generation to generation, from life to life through the cycle of rebirth, shows itself for what it is. When we fall ill, or in despair, this distress is ours alone; we cannot live anyone else’s karma, or their illness, their happiness, or their process. Whatever is the challenge, and however we feel about it- right or wrong – the glory and the fight is ours and the way in which we get through it is also specific to our individual karma. This reveals the content and context of whom we are and where we are on our life’s journey. The goal through any challenge is to heal. However, the only way we can accomplish this goal is by accepting what is and, in invoking a clear intent to honor the journey however it unfolds.


We are better equipped to influence a successful outcome when we understand how critical it is to honor our process to heal however unexpected or challenging it may be. The process is often hard to face because it is not so pretty. It contains, at the heart of it, that part of our journey which is hidden, that “stuckness” and staleness that need to be shaken loose, and brazened out. If we are able to face it head-on, we open up to spirit and find resolve. In so doing, we develop a greater awareness of who we are, where we are going, and the nature of our purpose. In other words, we find our golden wings. Bear in mind, this course of action is sacred, and requires a sanctum of privacy around you. To expunge negative energy, violent habits, untoward image of self, it is best you create a retreat for yourself so that you can more easily open the shroud to reveal honesty. It is equally important in this space that the process be witnessed by one other person to whom you feel intimate in spirit- a spouse or a friend who listens and hears you, and who would never judge you or your process.

Herein lies the perennial truth: the path of healing is transported within the spaces of our vulnerability, in dank and darkly lit crevices of our being where we tend to hold onto our weaknesses, dislikes, aversions, illnesses, disappointments, flailing dreams, and unsupported visions. To fully heal we must first enter this cavern of self, recognize the content of our darkness and embrace it all. To do this, we must recognize the importance of respecting our process: we cannot push it away, disregard it, or disrespect it. This is what wellness and lightness of being is about- the growth we earn that ultimately brings harmony, love and happiness to the fore. Healing is about nurturing, mothering, accepting and loving the self; it requires courage to embrace our regressions and honor our progression. This is the only way we heal, and become free from all burdens- to live within the divine light, to be a woman in all of her glorious power, ascending the grand spirit to fully own our Shakti!


We must awaken the Shakti energy if we are to once more to guide the development of tranquility, nurturance, compassion and harmony in our world. We are – each one of us- the emissary of the Divine Mother – ourselves the Mother of Ahimsa, nurturance. We have the perennial responsibility to safeguard life, to respect the life force of all species- and in particular- that of our children and the animals; to take action against injury to our children and against the slaughtering of innocent animals. We must not only heal ourselves, but grow awareness so that we mitigate suffering whenever and wherever we are able to do so.


How do women access the power within to heal themselves, live fully, and embrace their female source of energy?  They can start by reconnecting to cosmic rhythms, to the moon cycles and the seasons as they connect with their feminine nature. My book,Women’s Power to Heal Through Inner Medicine draws upon my own dramatic recovery from life-threatening ovarian cancer thirty eight years ago. I have witness so many miracles and experienced the gems of spirit from the fascinating and inspiring stories gleaned from a quarter-century of working with women from around the world who have come to me to learn how to heal themselves. May we heal our body, mind, womb and spirit by reclaiming our Shakti prowess.

Copyright (c) 2012 by Maya Tiwari

Full Moon of The Illumined Teacher

Full Moon of the Illumined Teacher
A Message from Sri Swami Mayatitananda (Mother Maya)

From the wellspring of ancient Hindu Tradition emerged the definition of the “Guru”, the one who embodies disciplined qualities of harmony, love, truth and compassion: The guru is celebrated in the present lunar month of Ashada (June/July) on the full moon day, Guru Purnima. The Hindu culture extols its illumined masters, recognizing that the most precious treasure of humanity is wisdom. We honor our wisdom carriers as gods and goddesses who walk the earth as sacred visionaries to mitigate existence by sharing wisdom.

The primary function of the guru is to guide humanity through its challenges, ignorance and despair so that each and every person who seeks the light can be awakened to full awareness.By gaining knowledge of the self, we are guided onto the path of dharma wherein we relieve the weight of karma while reclaiming a conscious and wholesome life.

This Guru Purnima holds an especially historic significance. In truth, we have arrived into the Golden Age (5011 years into Kali Yuga), as predicted by the Rishis whom, eons ago, identified this phenomenal period of universal time. This is the momentous period when each and every human being will have the unprecedented opportunity to invoke their rite of consciousness. Whether or not we chose to participate in awareness, the universal space and time in which we live is fashioning a new order rooted in the cosmic wisdom of her age. As we embark into the Golden Age, our minds and hearts are being retooled with sentiency necessary to meet the cosmic requirements of a new emerging reality. To rise to the demand of this epoch, however, we have got to be prepared to do the inner work to move in tandem with the greater energies.

For this, we must take the necessary time to pause, to step back from our overdriven and challenged lives so that we can allow our awareness to settle and grow. Let this Guru Purnima be a dedicated time of contemplation. In creating the space to let go of expired karmas we are summing up the courage it requires to assimilate into an integrative way of thinking and being. In this way, we can move in harmony with the cosmic sway of our new era.

At this very moment, everything is being changed forever. The paradigm of leadership is rapidly changing across the global landscape. The traditional model of hierarchal control and patriarchal command is swiftly falling apart, along with its politically and religiously driven propagation of war, battle, competition, seizure, acquisition, dictatorship, and the general degradation of nature. The Golden Age brings about a renewal of spirit, an infusion of purpose and meaning that is already taking shape toward a future of love, honor, harmony, and prosperity for all. That is, for those populations which emerge into the brilliant blaze of light of the Golden Age. In this new epoch where dharma rules, we are apt to be inspired by the collaboration, authenticity, and empowerment of all cultures, Mother Maya in Lotusgenders and ancestries.

Mother Maya is a world renowned Spiritual Teacher and a cancer survivor who has helped thousands to heal from devastating disorders. She is an acclaimed author of several best-selling books and the founder of Wise Earth School of Ayurveda, Mother Om Mission, and Living Ahimsa Foundation. Her quarter-century long humanitarian work and service transform disease, despair and violence into health, harmony and prosperity.