Wisdom, O Mother!

Wisdom, O Mother!

As I returned to Perth to participate in a Global Peace Event marking the extraordinary cosmic event of the Transit of Venus across the Sun, once more I am embraced by the phenomenal light that safeguards this space, land, sea, sky and stars. I see how Light arises from the inner self, the sanctum of awareness that is within each one of us; the light that awaits discovery. Through the sacred templates or markings of my own karma (samskaras accumulated from the cycles of rebirths) I am easily able to manifest light and project its sentiency into everything I touch. This communion continually regenerates prana, the life force.

Returning to North Cottlesloe Beach, I was eager to pay my reverence to the Indian Ocean, to meet my Mother Ocean so far away from the shores of India. Her waters are cool, inviting. As I entered her, she eased her waves into stillness and welcomed me. Swimming in her wintry cold embrace with her undulating motion I am beckoned to emulate the movement of the dolphin. After a while, I arose from the invigorating chill and offered up prayers to Lord Shiva and to the Mother Goddess of the Sea whom we call Ganga Mata. Within minutes of leaving the water, I reflected on the power of the Vedic chants, especially when performed in the birthing waters of our Mother creation. Warmed by her wet healing salve, I emerged from the ocean with the thought of dolphins who frequently appear when I chant in the ocean. No sooner had I had the thought than a large school of dolphins appeared close to shore, their dark silken bodies undulating as they flirted with the waves. In awe of these beloved creatures, I began chanting the Rudram and within seconds two baby dolphins flipped into the air in random unison to the perfect vibrations of the powerful Rudram; their benevolent grace reminiscent of the spectacular cosmic dance of the apsaras.

As I reached the roadside where I was parked, I took to wiping the sand off my feet and spotted a patch of grass a few meters away. Still enthralled by the show of my dolphin spirit-friends, I recognized they had created the perfect opportunity for me to receive clear transmission to a question that was lodged in my heart. Wanting to free the heart, I drew upon the dolphin-awareness. At these pivotal moments of my daily life, I have learnt to hold the space for intuiting the Divine mission and receiving its unconditional grace. Gently massaging my feet on the firm pad of grass I barely heard a metallic brushing sound emerging from a stalwart Tuart tree towering above me. As I looked up an enormous congregation of white cocka

(c) Copyrighted 2012 – The Lotus Sun -by Maya Tiwari

(c) Copyright 2012 Dolphin Dance Photo-by Ian Howard-Smith

toos began to take flight from the tree; a hundred or more in the flock furling out from the foliage. At first, it appeared they were flying off to their next tree-destination, but suddenly I realized they were here to deliver a message to me directly from My Shiva: To my knowledge, the dolphins had transmitted the answer to my profound question to the birds. In turn, they beckoned me away from the pavement to the grass. At first they flew over my head in cyclical cadence as they assumed a striking “V” formation. Then they performed a dance in full circle and from that centre, they spiraled in quickened counter clockwise motion. Awestruck, I beheld their bejeweled bodies shimmering against the silvery afternoon sun. My heart enraptured with intensified joy, as I noticed they were assuming the formation of the full moon. Fluttering with imperceptible tremors, heart wide open, I cognized a wedding celebration of the god and goddess playing out in the heavens. As they continued their grand show, the cockatoos slowly spun outward in a formation of waves, assuming the shape of a double “V”, the perfect “W”. They floated gently above me single-filing in serpentine rhythm as they gently shimmered away heading toward the North East. I watched until the last trace of their wing-prints melded into the floating clouds.  Wisdom, O Mother, when we listen ~ your elements protect, lead, guide and direct us. And when we open up our congealed heart, your winged creatures alight and lift us high above the mundane concerns of the mind-sense. When we call upon love, you instantly dispatch benign creatures from your watery depths to greet us. When the heart is at ease, your heaven opens her massive breast and nurture us with your tumult of rain.  Your massive love reset the rhythm of our tears. When we are aligned with your Wisdom, O Mother, what is there to fear? In truth, these ancient “stories” are “heavened” in the universe’s deepest intelligence.

I recall standing for the first time on the banks of the sacred Swan River in Perth with my guide, Julian Silburn, a young remarkable Shaman whose Spirit Instrument is the Yadaki (Dijgeeridoo). He shared a riveting story about the Aboriginal Song Line which starts in the Swan River.  In my ancient land of India, where we believe the Song Line actually originated, we learn that Sarasvati- Hindu Goddess of Wisdom and the Arts chose the cosmic swan for her vehicle. The Vedas tell us that this majestic bird is known for having the supreme power of discernment. Whilst drinking milk, the swan can separate the milk from the water.  These are not mythical tales intended to expand imagination. Indeed, they are the absolute cosmic truth from which we reflect infinite wisdom. Only when we have reached the maximum point of cosmic weariness from living in the mind-sense, or when we are pressed by the gnawing need for immutable freedom, can we withdraw into the full effulgence of light. It matters not how gracefully or clumsily we extract ourselves from being held hostage by the mind. At some juncture in this seemingly endless cycles of rebirth, each one of us is destined to reach this junction of infinite awareness in the cosmic journey of the soul. And in this timeless space, we find only Light. May the Light be with you!